Sophie Piccirilli

I have been blessed with a big, beautiful family and my childhood memories are filled with the tastes and aromas of my Nonna’s cooking. I would watch on, as she lovingly created her delicious authentic Italian food, closely following recipes and traditions handed down by previous generations, with the sole aim of pleasing her family. She’s truly the most talented and inspirational woman in my life.

The Piccirillis express their love through food, we aren’t always great at verbalising emotions, and so what’s on the plate does the talking!

Every year we would visit our family holiday home in a small village called Sassofeltrio, perched on a rock in the culinary region of Le Marche. There is one local restaurant called Savioli’s, which I affectionately have christened ‘Luciano’s’, after its proud owner. On my holidays, I spent time with Luciano and his family in the kitchen, as they took me under their wing. Two hundred eggs are used every morning, just to make fresh pasta, of all varieties (my favourite being ‘Strozzapreti’… look up the translation!) This mesmerised me. Such a small village, full of happy and contented people, with no desire for wealth or stature. Watching elderly women, knead and shape individual pastas, spurred me on to do the same. I was incredibly lucky to experience such talent; I absorbed so much.

Now at 22 years old, my whole working experience has been in catering. I have run my own business as well as working in high end restaurants and bars, making everything from purees, sorbets, souffes, parfaits, cocktails, to all kinds of freeze dried fruits and a wide variety of breads.

For me, eating is an experience, allowing people to talk and share, introducing new flavours to one another. I often struggle to choose one dish from a menu, so my philosophy is why choose one, when you can try a little bit of everything? I now want to share my experiences, giving everyone the opportunity to enjoy a range of food dishes, through a variety of tastes and flavours.

I truly live to eat rather than eat to live – my motto being “Vivere per Mangiare!”

Lady preparing fresh vegetals Lady putting a Pizza into Cibo Oven