Optimising your Cibo

Get personal with your Cibo. Fine-tune it, tailor it and mould it for your menus.

There are two levels to optimising your Cibo. The first is to simply tweak its existing pre-programmed settings to suit you. Whether you want your pizzas more soft and doughy, or your toasties more golden, it’s easy to tailor the standard settings to produce the perfect food for your outlet. Check out the ‘How is your food looking?’ section below on how you can do this.

When it comes to creating something new with Cibo, the world is your oyster. In addition to fine-tuning pre-set menu items, Cibo allows chefs to get creative and push boundaries, by developing their own bespoke menu programmes. Once you’ve perfected your menu, you can use the PIN lock to prevent other users changing your settings.

This optimisation makes it easy for staff of all skill levels to use Cibo. They can create perfectly-cooked, high-quality food, time after time.

Many menu items and settings to choose from

Cibo fits in with you and your business. It’s flexible, adaptable and uncomplicated.

Simple food icons make it easy to use and overcome any language barriers. Choose a dish, press play and Cibo will do the rest.

Cibo has the space for up to 24 cook programmes. The colour coding and numbers are the perfect solution is the perfect solution for outlets with extensive menus. Operators can group together items that are cooked in the same way and assign them a specific cook programme and colour – creating a simple system for all staff and skill levels.

Cibo Oven Pre programmed programmes
Cibo Oven Possible programmes
Cibo Oven colours to programme

How is your food looking?

Cibo is all about quality – producing the very best food, at every cook. However, no two food items are exactly the same. Two pizzas, in two different premises, would vary in size, shape and ingredients, for example. But with Cibo, we can help you achieve consistency.

Even with its standard programmes, Cibo’s results can vary. So, check out our handy pointers below to tackle six possible scenarios, ensuring you get the best results from your Cibo.

Top not cooked enough

Cibo Oven grill

Increasing grilling phase time

Cibo Oven convection

Increase convection phase temperature

Top Overcooked/burnt

Cibo Oven grill

Decrease grilling phase time

Cibo Oven convection

Decrease convection phase temperature

Generally Undercooked

Cibo Oven convection

Increase convection phase time and/or increase temperature

Generally Overcooked/burnt

Cibo Oven convection

Decrease convection phase time and/or decrease temperature

Base too light/not cooked

Cibo Oven base

Increase base heat phase time

Base too dark

Cibo Oven base

Decrease base heat phase time